ICs for efficient switching power supplies

Since introducing its first ICs in 1995, POWER INTEGRATIONS has rapidly advanced to become the market leader for integrated switching power supply ICs. With each new product family, POWER INTEGRATIONS has managed to further refine the integration of logic and power circuits, in keeping with the goal of optimizing OEM’s overall power solution costs. All the while, development has been driven by the market’s ongoing demand for higher efficiency during normal operation and, at the same time, the need for lower standby and no-load power consumption. Today, the latest regulators in the company’s Link family for the first time guarantee no-load consumption of less than 100mW without an optocoupler. With optical coupling, and including the associated circuitry, no-load values of under 40mW are achievable.

Of course, the best IC products alone are of little use without expert design support, and POWER INTEGRATIONS leads the way here, too. In addition to detailed data sheets and design recommendations, POWER INTEGRATIONS offers a Design Accelerator Kit (DAK) for each product family. The kit consists of a built up PCB, detailed schematics including a measurement protocol, an empty PCB and various sample ICs from the product family. But that’s not all, as PI Expert Suite software is also available to help design the power supply circuits and dimension the transformer quickly and without fuss.

To help take you one step further, first class support is also available from CODICO: Our experienced technical experts can help you accelerate your design effort with qualified assistance along every step of the way!

  • Power Integrations in brief:
  • Switching power supply ICs with integrated MOSFETs
  • Power range: 1W - 300W
  • Step-down and buck converter topologies
  • PWM regulators, ON/OFF regulators or a combination of both
  • Qualified design support


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