2009-03-01  ASIX

ASIX has been active in the field of Ethernet connectivity for some time now. What’s more, ASIX offers a variety of IC solutions that let you easily add an Ethernet interface to existing applications.

Most recently, ASIX introduced an IC family that enables the addition of two Ethernet ports to an application using only a single chip. These new devices are equipped with a single SRAM (non-PCI) or PCI interface to support connectivity with existing circuits. The Ethernet port also integrates a PHY, to help reduce costs further. Within the 2nd quarter of this year, the new family will be complemented by the AX88613, an IC offering an additional MII/RMII interface to enable its use as a 3-port switch.

While the above mentioned chips are designed for connection with existing system controllers, ASIX is also planning to directly enter the controller market near the end of the 2nd quarter – with the scheduled introduction of a new chip designated the AX33001. The latter is equipped with an ARM926EJ-S core and will operate with a maximum clock frequency of 230 MHz. For interfacing with the core, the new solution will integrate all of the following on chip: one DDR-SDRAM, one PCI, two USB host, I2S, I2C, UART, IDE and two Ethernet interfaces. In addition, it incorporates a crypto engine and IPv6 accelerator to support special applications. Timers, interrupt controllers and a DMA are already standard equipment for ASIX Ethernet solutions.


Imp_1_2009_A16_ASIX_Neue Ethernetloesungen_AX88782_Bild2_kl.jpg
Imp_1_2009_A16_ASIX_Neue Ethernetloesungen_AX33001_Bild1_kl.jpg

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