TOREX recently introduced its new XCL205/206/207 series of synchronous 600mA/3MHz step-down DC/DC converters with an integrated inductor coil. The entire chip, including the 1.5uH coil, measures a mere 2.5mm x 2.0mm and has a package height of only 1.0mm, thus making it one of the smallest solutions of its kind on the market today. Needing only two external ceramic capacitors and capable of delivering efficiencies in excess of 85%, XCL205/206/207 converters are ideally suited for applications that demand high efficiency and low output noise in an extremely small PCB area.

What makes the XCL205/206/207 stand out from the competition is the technology used to bring the IC and coil together in one package. Existing solutions generally use conventional packaging techniques where the converter is placed alongside a coil in a molded package. But TOREX, together with the company’s coil partner, has developed a unique system that permits placement of the thin-film power inductor around the converter, thereby enabling the realization of ultra-small, all-in-one solutions. By eliminating conventional packages, the new converter series also helps reduce production costs. In combination with the simplified design, this makes the XCL205/206/207 a truly cost-effective solution for high-volume applications.  

The converters used in the XCL205/206/207 series are the TOREX XC9235/36/37 series of synchronous step-down DC/DC converters. The input voltage ranges from 2.0V to 6.0V and the output voltage can be selected between 0.8V and 4.0V (+/-2%) in 50mV increments (set in the factory via laser trimming). The high-performance converters feature very low ripple, typically less than 10mV. Thus, a key advantage for designers is that no additional filters or circuits are needed to maintain the stability of the output for use in demanding RF chipsets. Ultimately, two ceramic capacitors are the only external components required with the XCL205/206/207 series.

Types B and C of the XCL205/206/207 series feature CL auto discharge, while type B is also equipped with a very fast soft-start function (0.25ms typ. as compared to 0.9ms typ. for types A and C). All versions feature a built-in current limiter (constant current and latching) and short circuit protection. A CE pin enables the device to be switched into standby mode, thereby reducing current consumption from an already low 21uA typ. in operation to less than 1.0uA in standby.

The XCL205 series operates in PWM mode and the XCL206 in PWM/PFM mode, with the latter automatically switching from PWM to PFM for small loads. This means high efficiencies can be achieved over a wide range of load conditions. The XCL207 lets users select between the PWM mode and the automatically switching PWM/PFM mode via the CE/Mode pin. The use of low-ESR ceramic capacitors with the XCL205/206/207 series ensures that ripple voltage remains very low over the entire load current range. And, thanks to TOREX’s unique PFM technology for current limiting, ripple remains low even for small loads. Thus, the solution is ideal for noise-sensitive RF applications. The XCL205/206/207 series is only the first generation of “converter+coil” solutions from TOREX, as ongoing product development will ensure that higher-current versions will join these initial 600mA devices in the future.


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Die neue XCL205/206/207-Serie
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