2010-04-19  YAMAICHI

YAMAICHI ELECTRONICS offers a new manual microSD Card reader PJS008U-3000-0.

The manufacturer enlarges their wide range of microSD Card readers with a new version for vertical insertion and extraction, i.e. in the 90° angle to the PCB. The PJS008U-3000-0 is a manual microSD Card reader for all microSD Cards in compliance with the specification of the microSD Card standard. The positioning pins and the DIP connection to the PCB ensure the secure fixing of the card reader on the PCB. Thus the PJS008U-3000-0 is as stable as the horizontal microSD Card readers and has all the same attributes as the 180° version.

An advantage of the vertical assembly is the small space requirement of only 4.97mm x 12mm (W x L). It establishes completely new design options in the course of the miniaturisation of many state-of-the-art equipment.

Due to the contact design and gold plated contacts 10,000 mating cycles are assured. The insulation body is out of LCP and encloses completely the microSD Card thus giving additional protection against external impacts.

In summary the PJS008U-3000-0 provides the full functionality of a versatile and all-purpose microSD Card reader together with the advantages of a vertical PCB assembly. The card reader is supplied in trays for fully automated pick and place assembly.

This Flash memory card component supports applications like wireless communication, portable computer, end-consumer and others.


Imp_1_2010_S07_YAMAICHI_Microsd Kartenleser_Bild.jpg

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