MURATA PS low power converters with an industrial quality profile increase the possible power output in the upper temperature range whilst also minimizing space requirements. 

Standardized pin packages and module forms are rapidly displacing special designs with “single sourcing" from the market and are pushing further and further into niches where requirements are higher than the standard case. Power levels which have previously been unheard of can now be achieved very easily using modern compact and efficient “off the shelf” standard models. The typical design for the relevant power class is reduced to the next smaller standard module design often with identical pin packages whilst the performance parameters have also been increased.

MURATA PS is aiming to cover the entire industrial temperature range up to +85°C without any special cooling specifications with compact industrial pin packages. Another benefit of these new products is their ultra-wide input range which enables them to cover a large number of previously differentiated input ranges in a single module, and a brick format module at that.

1 W to 3 W with SIL7 pin package

The lowest power level is supplemented by new unregulated modules in a SIL7 housing. The MER1 & MEV3 families supply output voltages with insulation resistances from 1 kV to 3 kV with efficiency levels which have been unusual to date, covering the complete range of input voltages of 5 V, 12 V, 15 V, 24 V and 48 VDC. The working range at full load is in the extended industrial range from -40°C to +85°C with no restrictions resulting from a drop in power at high temperatures. The encased converters have been tested to EN 60950 and are subjected to the normal stringent quality inspections used in MURATA PS‘ own production plants.

The regulated 3 W converters with a 2:1 input range in an SIL7 housing are a special case. This NCS3 family can therefore replace previous modules which take up twice as much space and feature the DIL24 pin package which has recently been extended to the next higher power range from 4 W to 6 W.

4 W to 6 W: the new power range for the DIL24 pin package

The NCS6S (single output) and NCS6D (double output) families control power requirements up to 6 W with an extra-wide 4:1 input range in two versions with 9 VDC to 36 VDC or 18 VDC to 76 VDC. Despite their wide range of applications, the typical efficiency level is quoted at 87% (with a load of 1 W or more) with precise specifications available relating to the dependent relationship between load and input voltage and also precise details of the drop in power in the limit ranges. The insulation is sufficient for the normal requirements listed in EN 60950 at 1.5 kV.

10 W to 15 W: the current level for 1” x 1” footprints

The new BEI15 family supplements the popular UEI15 series with bipolar +/-5 V, +/-12 V and +/-15 V versions on the 1x1 inch standard footprint with a 4:1 input range in two options from 9 VDC to 36 VDC or 18 VDC to 76 VDC. The latter 24 V to 48 VDC nominal input version has 2,250 kV basic insulation whilst the 12 V and 24 V nominal versions have 2,000 VDC. 1”x1” modules offer particular flexibility for increasing power for later design revisions because they are based on the identical pin package as the next larger 1”x2” modules. Despite their compact dimensions all the versions will operate in a temperature range from 40°C to +70°C at full load with pure convection. Cooling will therefore be required only from +70°C to + 85°C varying between convection and moderate 65 lfm air cooling.

3 A POL step-down for 16 – 40 VDC input ranges

The OKI-T/3-W40 non-insulated step-down converters supply 3 A currents with a 1000 uF ceramic-capacitive load in a freely adjustable output range of 0.75 to 5.5 VDC. The wide input range from 16 VDC to 40 VDC is ideal for industrial applications using conventional 24 VDC buses. The compact modules for SMD assembly measure 0.5” x 0.8” and are supplied on rollers with MSL-2 in packs of 400. The modules are available with either positive or negative On/Off logic and only require a single external component, a trimming resistor, for programming the output voltage.

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Imp_1_2010_A12_MURATA PS_Neue Modutypen_Bild1.jpg
Fig. 1: 1W to 3W in SIL7 Pinning
Imp_1_2010_A12_MURATA PS_Neue Modutypen_Bild2.jpg
Fig. 2: 4W to 6W in DIL24 Pinning
Imp_1_2010_A12_MURATA PS_Neue Modutypen_Bild3.jpg
Fig. 3: 10W to 15W for 1"x1" Footprints
Imp_1_2010_A12_MURATA PS_Neue Modutypen_Bild4.jpg
Fig. 4: 3A POL Step Down
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