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MURATA’s new multilayer series capacitors help avoid failures due to PCB bending in automotive applications!

MURATA has expanded its GCD series of multilayer series capacitors (MLSCs) with the addition of 13 new components. Each product (component) of the GCD series features two capacitors in series inside a single package, a design that helps reduce electronic system failures caused by excessive bending and solder-shock cracks in automotive applications.

In a multilayer series capacitor (MLSC), two capacitors connected in series are housed in a single package. Under harsh operating conditions, such as those typical for automotive electronics, PCB-mounted components are often subjected to strong bending forces that can cause cracks in individual components. With MLCCs, cracking normally occur on the capacitor corners in contact with the solder (causing the component to fail). However, in an MLSC, such cracking would not cause failure of the entire component, but would instead disable only one of the capacitors in the package, with the other capacitor remaining intact and functioning. Furthermore, after one side of the component has been cracked, the mechanical stress on the component becomes mitigated and this makes it unlikely that another crack will occur in the second capacitor. The structure of MLSCs therefore significantly improves the reliability of these capacitors. In fact, the GCD series is designed to maintain its rated voltage despite any cracks, in order to continue meeting the requirements of demanding applications (e.g., battery lines).

Of the 13 new capacitors in MURATA’s GCD series, seven come in size 0603 packages and the other six in size 0805. The 0603 versions measure 1.6mm x 0.8mm x 0.8mm and offer capacitance values of 5,600pF, 6,800pF, 8,200pF, 10nF, 12nF, 15nF or 22nF. The 0805 versions have dimensions of 2.0mm x 1.25mm x 1.25mm and offer capacitance values of 15nF, 22nF, 47nF, 56nF, 68nF or 100nF. The voltage rating for all products is identical: 50V. In addition to the above, other versions of the GCD series are available in a variety of capacitances and in size 0603 or 0805 packages.

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