2010-04-19  YAMAICHI

YAMAICHI ELECTRONICSnow offers an innovative High Speed ZIF connector for FFC/FPC. Thus the already existing Flip Type connector series HF601 has been extended by a 22 pin High Speed version for data transfer rates of up to 3Gbps.

The new High Speed connector HF601-22-03 combines the proven and tested Zero Insertion Force (ZIF) connection technology with an innovative contact design allowing a transfer rate of up to 3Gbps with excellent transmission quality.

The base body is a Flip Type ZIF connector whose cover can be opened to allow a smooth and easy insertion of the FFC/FPC. The use of two different contact styles for ground and signal is the basis of this High Speed version and ensures a stable impedance of 100? +/- 10%.

The new HF601-22-03 is a connector with a pitch of 0.5mm and a minimal height of 2mm. It is designed for use with High Speed FFC or FPC as well as the YFLEX® which is available exclusively from Yamaichi. The cables do not require any further adapters but can easily be inserted into the connector manually. The locking of the FFC/FPC is carried out by closing the cover with a distinctly audible click. Another feature of the HF601-22-03 is its ability to contact FFC also with position parts due to the special design. The positioning part ensures an increase in safety against extraction of the FFC.

A perfect application for this 22-pin High Speed connector is for example the use with internal HDMI connection. Due to the excellent transmission characteristics many other application fields requiring high data rates are possible. The HF601-22-03 offers optimal design with technically high standards while at the same time having an attractive price. The connector is delivered in tape&reel packaging.

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