2008-03-01  AMPHENOL ICC

FCI, a leading manufacturer of connectors and connector systems, has expanded its ZipLineTM connector system by adding a new power module. The new module has a current capacity of up to 7A per contact position, or up to 42A per Insert Molded Lead Frame assembly (IMLA) – as tested for a 30°C temperature rise in still air (no heat removal) and the loading of a single 6-contact power IMLA integrated into one module.

“Just like our revolutionary AirMax VS® family, ZipLine connectors offer the flexibility that only a shield-less design can provide, including mixing and matching orthogonal IMLAs, backplane IMLAs and now power IMLAs,” explains FCI product manager John Burkett.

The ZipLine high-density, high-performance connector system is built upon FCI's proven AirMax VS technology and offers similarly high signal integrity performance. Like AirMax VS connectors, the ZipLine connector system uses edge-coupling technology to deliver high signal density with low insertion loss and low crosstalk, all without the use of costly and space-consuming metal shields. Data rates can be scaled from 2.5 Gb/s to 12.5 Gb/s without requiring redesign of a basic platform.

ZipLine connectors provide the greatest signal density in three dimensions, thus helping system designers solve mechanical or thermal issues. In addition to superior signal density and electrical performance, the versatile ZipLine design offers incredible flexibility. As a result, standard orthogonal, backplane, and power IMLAs can be configured in many combinations without the need for new tooling or long lead times.

The ZipLine system is compatible with hard metric design practice and can be placed next to AirMax VS signal modules and hard metric high-power connectors

When two adjacent power IMLAs are used, the ZipLine power IMLA's current carrying capacity is rated for up to 5A per contact position, or up to 30A per column. With twelve adjacent power IMLAs, individual contacts are rated for 2.5A max., or 15A max. per column.

The ZipLine connector system achieves 33 differential signal pairs per centimeter when configured with 6 differential pairs per column at 1.8mm pitch, and it can attain up to 39 differential signal pairs per centimeter at 1.5mm pitch (this version can be tooled if required by the customer). Available in both backplane and orthogonal configurations, the standard 6-pair, 12-IMLA products provide 72 differential pairs that will fit into a 1 inch-pitch daughter card. A configuration having 3 differential pairs per column is under development to enable use with a 15mm card slot pitch.

More information, including downloads, are available on the FCI website (


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