NIDEC COPAL - Expert in switches, potentiometers and encoders


Passion for innovation and very high production quality

A passion for innovation and very high production quality have made COPAL ELECTRONICS one of Japan’s leading manufacturers of switches (coded switches, slide switches, etc.), potentiometers and encoders. The continuous development and improvement of production technologies and production processes is a key objective of the company due to the high-quality components. For example, contact-circuit processes, thick film printing processes and automation technology from COPAL ELECTRONICS in mass production of trimming potentiometers, coding switches and other electronic circuit components is state-of-the-art. Because of that, products of COPAL ELECTRONICS give a great quality/price ratio.


Main products are trimmer potentiometers, rotary switches, DIP switches, Rocker, Toggle, Slide & Pushbutton Switches.


From now on NIDEC will be the new brand substituting "COPAL" as a label on all products. The high quality product range itself will remain unchanged.


In case of interest, please contact Michael Blaha.

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