2008-03-01  YAMAICHI

Munich, February 2008 – YAMAICHI ELECTRONICS presents the new Non-ZIF connector system with locking mechanism as an alternative to ZIF connectors.

To improve and simplify handling and process security when plugging FFC/FPC in during production, YAMAICHI ELECTRONICS has developed a unique connector system. The new “pullforce” Non-ZIF connector can be connected using commercially available FFCs/FPCs, via an interlocking hook mechanism. Interlocking occurs directly during the plug-in process, so that no further cover, drawer or similar component is needed. This “one push-lock" system simplifies production handling and ensures a secure and permanent connection. An additional (optional) stiffener makes the system “poka yoke” and avoids plugging errors to 100%.

The unique feature of the new connector system is the board connector’s design. The locking mechanism, consisting of a row of engagement hooks, allows a secure connection between the FFC/FPC and the board connector. Locking occurs with the standard stiffener (supporting tape) of the FFC/FPC or, optionally, via an additional plastic stiffener that is glued to the FFC/FPC. The shape of the latter prevents plugging errors and offers increased vibration protection.

The board connectors are available with a pitch of 0.5mm or 1mm, in horizontal and vertical arrangements. Initially, the series will offer 30 contacts for the 0.5mm-pitch version (90°) and from 12 to 30 contacts for the 1.0mm-pitch versions (90° and 180°). Additional pin counts are under development. Various platings, for instance gold, are available upon customer request, and the board connectors are available in tape-and-reel packaging units. Pick-and-place caps are also available for mounting operations.

For applications requiring the additional stiffener, YAMAICHI ELECTRONICS offers the completed assembly with the FFC/FPC (with the additional stiffener). When using the supporting tape as a locking option, all commercially available FFCs/FPCs within the limiting dimensions and tolerances may be used.

YAMAICHI ELECTRONICS’ new Non-ZIF connector system with pullforce locking mechanism offers an extremely interesting and economical alternative to ZIF connectors. Ultimately, this new generation of Non-ZIF connectors opens new possibilities for simpler, faster and more secure assembly of board-to-cable connections.




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