NUVOTON M058S Series

2013-11-07  Semiconductor ICs   NUVOTON

A new MCU Family with 32-bit ARM Cortex M0 Core

The NuMicro microcontroller family has been extended by the new M058S Series. These microcontrollers have an ARM Cortex M0 core as the motor, and are an extension of the already famous Mini51 Series.

In comparison with the Mini51 and M051 Series, the M058S Series provides a higher operating frequency of up to 50 MHz, an 8-channel 12-bit ADC, and more output pins. The M058S series offers the QFN33, LQFP48, and LQFP64 package types. And the large number of serial interfaces, such as UART, SPI and I2C, means that the PCB space required can also be reduced. The M058S Series operates at 2.5V to 5.5V, an ambient temperature from -40 to 85?, and features up to 55 I/O pins.

In this context, a number of pins are provided with multiple assignment. A fast 12-bit ADC, 16-bit PWM, a built-in high-precision RC oscillator, a 32-bit multiplication unit, 32 KB flash, 4 KB ISP ROM, and 2 KB SRAM are all integrated. In addition, the peripheral integrates one UART, one SPI, two I2C, four 32-bit timers, watch dog and brown-out detection. All these functions make the chip ideal for smaller cost-sensitive industrial applications.  

As always, NUVOTON also offers a starter kit, the NuTiny-SDK-M058S which supports the M058S series to work with Keil RVMDK and IAR EWARM software. In-system programming and the possibility of programming in the application itself are also supported.   The M058S Series is already in production and available with the designations M058SZAN QFN33 (5x5mm), M058SLAN LQFP48 (7x7mm), and M058SSAN LQFP64 (7x7mm).  

NUVOTON will be extending its range still further, so as to provide customers with attractively-priced ICs to meet all their specific needs and requirements.  

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