Network engineering – backbone of communication

Modern communication networks control our lives without us even being aware of it – of that, there is no doubt. Whether we are using a smart phone or writing emails, watching videos online or paying for a parking ticket, hiring a bicycle, calling a taxi or paying by credit card – everything is part of an enormous network. With new SmartHome and SmartGrid applications, this networking trend will continue unabated in future.

With QUALCOMM ATHEROS technologies, CODICO is in a position to cover huge areas of network requirements in both the industrial and commercial environments. Ethernet, powerline or wireless LAN for broadband-hungry multimedia as well as their ultra-low power versions, ask for these technologies to satisfy the expected requirements in mobile devices or battery-driven sensor applications.

For Ethernet applications these are the conventional 10/100/1000 Mbps PHYs and switches, or both integrated together on one chip, whereby the priority is toward the development of low-energy consumption solutions. With the replacement of older carrier infrastructures by Ethernet, the call for synchronization and clock distribution became louder. These calls are now being answered with IEEE 1588 v2, Sync E and IEEE 802.3az.

Powerline today is far more than just the transmission of data from one power outlet to the next. New products such as the HomePlug Green PHY chip QCA7000 ensure secure and reliable communication between electrical vehicle and charging station, between household appliances and the SmartGrid, or between solar panels and inverters. The components of the new HomePlug Green PHY generation are specially designed for "smart" applications such as Smart Meter, Smart Home, Smart Grid, Smart Lighting, but also e-Mobility. They represent low energy consumption, simple and high-speed design, as well as data rates that exceed the demands of most applications.

(see also the article by Werner Reis: "Smart X or Home Plug Green PHY")

Apart from powerline technologies, Wireless LAN is also developing from a simple wireless Internet access by means of PC or SmartPhone to the 'Internet of things' that integrates household devices or smoke alarms in our home networks or makes sensors in industrial networks accessible wirelessly by means of IP addresses. In the upper performance range, dual band 2.4 and 5 GHz, 2x2 or 3x3 MIMO technologies have now arrived in mass applications such as AccessPoint and routers, as well as in TV or set-top boxes for wireless video transmission. As an example, we offer PCIe half-mini cards or USB modules on the basis of AR9382 or AR9374 chip-sets by QUALCOMM ATHEROS. The lower end of the spectrum, in terms of power consumption and data rates, is covered by chipsets and modules, such as the RTX4100 module, that open the way into the Internet, even for devices with disposable batteries – see page xx "RTX4100 low-power Wi-Fi".

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