New 3.5” Amoled Display from AMPIRE

2013-11-07  Displays   AMPIRE

AMPIRE is extending its LCD/LCM Portfolio

Fans of AMOLED technology have got a treat in store! Since 2009 it has no longer been possible to obtain AMOLEDs in small quantities for applications in the industrial sector. Now AMPIRE, our partner of many years standing, is extending its LCD/LCM portfolio by a 3.5” AMOLED display for the industrial market. Following a situation in which the technology was almost unobtainable due to increase in numbers, especially on the Smartphone market, this type is now targeted directly at industrial applications.  

The display is actuated by a special all-in-one Himax HX-5227-A driver IC for a-Si AMOLEDs. With a resolution of 320x480 pixels (HVGA), 16.7 million colors, and a contrast ratio of 100,000:1, the display provides excellent optical values for a perfect, sharp image. Viewing angles of up to 90° from any direction make it possible for the display, actually presented in portrait format, to be rotated at will and tilted, without any detriment to contrast or color representation – so there’s nothing to get in the way, whatever the installation situation might be.  

The parallel MIPI-DBI 8/16/24bit MPU interface is perfectly suited for graphic images, while the parallel 8/16/24bit RGB interface also allows for videos to be shown.  

AMOLEDs consist of several layers. Arranged on the anode layer are the thin-layer transistors (TFT backplane), with which each individual color pixel is actuated (activated/deactivated). Located above the organic layer are the transparent cathodes. The current flow over the transistors leads in the color layer to the lighting up.  

Among the advantages of the AMOLEDs are the low current consumption, depending on the image content, the rapid switching times, in the microsecond range, and the excellent optical properties. And there’s more. This type comes with a pixel technology which, thanks to internal compensation, does away with production scatter and ageing processes by the separate actuation of each organic OLED, and so counteracts manifestations such as irregular brightness and burn-in.

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