New 5630 package ready at PLESSEY Semiconductors

5630 LED package

By adding the 5630 LED package to the current well-known low- and mid-power portfolio of PLESSEY Semiconductors, every potential lighting application could be covered using one of their common packages, such as 1005, 3014, 3020 or 3030.


  • 5630 footprint (5.6x3.0x0.77mm)
  • 120mA, up to 54lm
  • High Reliability PLCC Package
  • 120° viewing angle
  • 6K hours LM80 Report available


Please check the 5630 LED Datasheet for details. For further information please contact Christoph Seper.

Plessey 5630 Package
Plessey 5630 Package

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