New LXW Series

2018-05-22  Passive Components   

RUBYCONs downsized variation of radial leaded capacitors

RUBYCON announced LXW series as downsized radial E-cap with ultra-long lifetime of 10.000 to 12.000hr.


In our April newsletter, we introduced the new HXW series (105degC 2.000 to 3.000 hours) as downsized item of QXW series. Because input smoothing capacitors for power-supplies are required to be miniaturized or reduced in number, the market continues to request the development of new smaller sized products.


Now RUBYCON announced the new radial leaded aluminium electrolytic capacitor LXW series as a downsized and higher capacitance series offering 10.000 to 12.000hrs lifetime at 105°C. It allows up to 50% higher capacitance and 25% higher ripple current capability in same size compared to actual BXW series.


This means you can have either capacitor diameter or height one size smaller than today’s BXW series with same specification. Therefore, it perfectly fits to lighting applications that need smaller space with long lifetime as well as all switching power supplies where the PCB size can be reduced.


This technology is based on using new aluminium foil with higher capacitance, high conductivity electrolyte and low-density separator paper. The rated voltage range is up to 500V, which can withstand severe conditions in server- or industrial applications.


LXW series has wide size variation like Φ10×30 to Φ18×50 and is suitable for flat type power supplies by horizontal mounting. Moreover, since the lower limit of the temperature lies at - 40ºC, it allows the LXW series to be used for various application.


Product comparison LXW vs. BXW:





For more information, please feel free to contact Yasunobu Ikuno.



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