New M12 circular connector with screw locking

Y-Circ® M by YAMAICHI Electronics

As an experienced manufacturer of connector systems, YAMAICHI Electronics Deutschland has developed a new M12 circular connector series: Y-Circ® M.

The Y-Circ® M series includes A, B, and D connectors in straight and angled form compliant with IEC 61076-2-101. A special feature is the modular system that permits the individual configuration of 360° shielding and vibration protection. That permits an optimum price/performance ratio no matter what the customer's requirements.

The product series is continually being extended, expanding the options for combination with existing product series such as Y-Con® (RJ45) and Y-Circ P® (push-pull).

To permit fast, flexible production, the connector series will also be produced by YAMAICHI Electronics in Germany. This location has been active for years in the area of cable configuration and the production of connectors.

In addition to the A, B, and D coding, there is also an IEC 61076-2-109-compliant X-coded connector currently in the process of approval. This variant will permit the interference-free transmission of CAT6A signals. This underscores the competence of Yamaichi Electronics in the design and production of high-speed connectors.

All connectors are IP68 protected and meet the strictest of quality standards for secure contacting. This is particularly vital for demanding applications in industrial environments.

To get more information please contact Barbara Maier. The catalogue is ready for download, too.

YAMAICHI Electronics_Y-Circ M_Product Photo
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