New narrowband powerline modem chip from Semitech Semiconductor

2012-10-16  Powerline Modules   

Semitech Semiconductor has launched a new multi-standard, narrowband powerline communication (NB-PLC) chip - the SM2400. This chip has been optimized for meter reading applications – i.e. in the smart metering sector – and supports not only the existing PRIME and G3-PLC standards, but also the new NB-PLC standard IEEE 1901.2, in other words, the three most important standards for remote meter reading. As the FSK modulation procedure is still frequently used for remote meter reading today, Semitech has also implemented a corresponding compatibility mode in the SM2400.

Apart from the application for smart metering, the chip is also suitable for all applications in the fields of smart home / smart building / smart lighting etc.

The chip consists of an integrated analog front end, the PHY modem and a DLL controller. The block diagram in Fig. 1 illustrates the high level of integration of the SM2400. At the design stage, priority was given to keeping both costs and energy-consumption to a minimum.

The core of this chip is designed in such a way that it can be adapted to all conceivable further developments in the field of NB-PLC standardization by configuring the DSP and MCU cores correspondingly.

The main features of the SM2400 are:
- Programmable transmission frequency in the 0.1 to 550kHz band for applications in the CENELEC, FCC and ARIB bands
- Data transmission rate on the line of up to 500kbit/s
- Suppression of frequencies in order to avoid interference frequencies and thus increase the range
- 128bit AES encryption
- Multiple power saving modes in order to optimize the energy consumption
- UART- SPI and I2C interface
- Interface for serial Flash and optional, external RAM for extended applications in data concentrators
- Full duplex operation
- High reception sensitivity of -80dBm
- Full compatibility with earlier generations of FSK solutions from different manufacturers

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