PI: The LinkSwitch-HP!

Primary, not secondary, for outputs up to 90W: The LinkSwitch-HP from POWER INTEGRATIONS utilizes the feedback of a second prim

Until now, secondary-side regulated AC/DC converter ICs predominated in performance classes above 10W. This was due mainly to the fact that a sufficiently precise constant voltage regulation was only possible by means of feedback via optocouplers or transistors from the secondary side.

With the new LinkSwitch-HP series, POWER INTEGRATIONS now also offers primary-side regulated ICs for outputs from 9W to 90W and with a voltage accuracy of <5%. Instead of a secondary-side feedback circuit that is expensive in terms of cost and space, an additional winding on the transformer now suffices for generating the control signals. A welcome side effect is the increased reliability in the system.

The components of the LinkSwitch-HP series adapt their control in each case to the prevailing load and line conditions, thereby guaranteeing optimum efficiency and response to load transients, while at the same time minimizing the output ripple and audible noise. Thanks to internal consumption of less than 30mW and an efficiency of >50% at a minimum load of
It goes without saying that the usual protection mechanisms are integrated: starting with the adjustable current limitation and the selectable delay on shutdown, to the shutdown on overvoltage, overcurrent and over-temperature.

The components of the LinkSwitch-HP series are available in the upright eSIP-7C package as well as in the eDIP-12B package. The RDK-321 (17W dual-output for LCD-TV) and the RDK-313 (30W, 12V general-purpose adapter) are available as evaluation boards.


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