What do you think of when you hear “PIT?” Brad Pit(t) or rapper Pitbull, maybe? Or do your thoughts immediately turn to Push-In Technology and the new 0156 series from DINKLE after all?

The advantages and benefits of DINKLE’s new 0156 terminal block series can be summed up in two short sentences:

1) Strip insulation, ready, go!

The special design of the contact spring offers easy, tool-free termination of the stripped wire strands (AWG16-28) while simultaneously ensuring high contact quality – also known as “push-in technology” or its abbreviation: PIT.

2) Multiple connections requiring minimal space!

This is ensured by the compact, dual-row design with a pitch of 3.50mm.

Cable and PCB connectors that can be secured via screw-type or snap-in terminals, as well as the availability of PCB connectors in three different materials (PBT, LCP and PA46), round out the series’ design and thus provide a fitting solution for virtually any application.

We would be pleased to provide you with additional information!


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