2008-03-01  YAMAICHI

Munich, February 2008 – YAMAICHI ELECTRONICS now also offers power connectors for use in ATCA systems.

Advanced Telecommunications Computing Architecture (ATCA) was initially conceived as an open industry standard for telecommunications applications. In the meantime, the system is finding use in a variety of other applications, such as process control, image processing, infotainment, etc.

The basic specification – PICMG 3.0 – focuses on implementing the use of Advanced Mezzanine Cards (AMC) on ATCA boards, with a hot-swapping capability during operation. For this purpose, YAMAICHI ELECTRONICS already offers various connectors that, above all, stand out for their high-speed transmission properties. In-depth information is available under “advancedCMT” (

In addition to high-speed signal connectors, YAMAICHI ELECTRONICS now also offers ATCA power connectors as part of the product range.

The new ATCA power connectors come in a 30-pin version and comply with PICMG specifications. In addition to 22 signal pins, they offer 8 power contacts for the transmission of up to 16A. A further 4 signal contacts are provided for, and these can be loaded for additional applications on customer request. The high-quality turned contacts have a gold film thickness of up to 30µ inches. The robust design of the plug housing supports blind plugging and board alignment.

YAMAICHI ELECTRONICS offers an angled header (male connector) version for use on ATCA boards, and a straight receptacle (female connector) version for use on the backplane. The power connectors are of the press-fit type and can be processed using standard tools.


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