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Applications that delight their users, thanks to their compact design combined with extremely high performance, usually put the heat on the integral power components – and sometimes on the development engineers too! Moreover, devices for the healthcare and medicine sectors, for automation and for industrial controllers consistently have to do without cooling fans, in order to counteract noise, susceptibility to faults, and the effects of dust. Those modules that emit heat must be integrated by innovative means into the device concept using alternative methods of cooling. The necessary power supply unit solutions with optimized design for cooling by means of contact surfaces are not exactly ten a penny, although quite a few are now available.


The range of solutions for fanless power supplies of extremely compact design begins with semi-finished modules in the form of board-mountable, encapsulated modules. These are to be completed on the respective application circuit board in a freely selectable layout with additional components such as external filters, storage capacitors and fuses. The modules however already have basic features such as galvanic isolation, electromagnetically compatible circuit design concept with active correction of the PFC harmonic waves and are already approved in accordance with UL or CE subject to the IEC 60950 Standard.


The manufacturer COSEL supplies the single modules of the TUNS series shown in Fig. 1 in performance grades of 50W, 100W, 300W and 500W. These represent the single-module solution in "brick-form factor", into which not only the input stage with PFC has been integrated for an input range of 90 - 264VAC, but also an output stage. Monitoring and control is achieved where necessary by means of the available signal contacts. The modules operate without the need for derating within a temperature range on the base plate from -40°C to +100°C. Safety checks in accordance with IEC 60950 are available for UL and CE approvals.


For higher power applications, separate input modules are available as “front ends” for input voltages of 90 - 264VAC, which deliver an intermediate circuit voltage of 360VDC. These PFC modules from COSEL and EMERSON are available for the power ranges between 75W and 1600W and can also be connected redundantly via corresponding signal cables. Output-side voltages and the galvanic isolation are generated by means of one or more DC/DC modules manufactured by COSEL und EMERSON that deliver outputs of between 50 and 70W per module. A host of options are available for monitoring and control, some modules from EMERSON even offering an I²C interface for status inquiries. These modules are likewise checked thoroughly according to international approval criteria as specified in IEC 60950. The form factors correspond to the brick standards of the industry as shown in Fig. 1.


If the compact AC/DC modules with PFC described above in 1 are to be installed without the need for assembly, plus completion on a pcb, then this solution already preassembled by COSEL as shown in Fig. 2 is available. It goes without saying that these completed modules also have relevant tests according to IEC 60950, for UL and CE approval. The finished modules, that only have to be embedded in the application by means of mechanical and thermal integration, are available in the power range from 50W to 1500W. The modules operate in a temperature range from -20°C to +95°C, complying with all parameters, and without the need for derating.


For applications with power supplies that require IP64 degree of protection and are to be mounted directly onto the application housing, we supply EMERSONs LCC series of products. The compact, sealed devices as shown in Fig. 3 are currently available in the 250W power range with output voltages of 12VDC, 24VDC and 48VDC. These are to be supplemented with 500W models in early 2013. These power supply units with active PFC have approvals for medical applications in accordance with IEC 60601 and according to industrial standard IEC 60950. Depending on the cooling possibility and integration into the application they are supplied optionally with integrated heat sinks or just with a baseplate for special, external contact cooling. By means of signal and control cables, the voltage can be varied within a range of +/-10% and the response threshold of the constant current limitation can be varied between 50% and 100%. The devices of the LCC series operate with input voltages of 90VDC – 264VDC and in a temperature range (measured on the baseplate) of between -40°C and +85°C, without the need for derating.

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Figure 1: TUNS series, AC/DC power supplies with integral PFC (COSEL)
Figure 2: Finished modules on the basis of compact modules (COSEL)
Figure 3: IP64-protected, 250W power supplies for fanless operation (EMERSON)

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