Peak power for top-hat rails

2013-11-07  Power Supply Modules   COSEL

COSEL Power supplies – Beautiful new world

With the completion of the KH series, COSEL is setting new standards when it comes to DIN-rail power supplies. With immediate effect, the Japanese high-end manufacturers can equip switch cabinets not only with 120 and 240 Watt versions, but also with 30, 60 and 90 Watt. Towards the end of the year, a 480 Watt version will follow. All versions will provide an output of 24 Volt at the highest degree of efficiency. At a typical value of 94%, this is not the maximum. A higher degree of efficiency, however, means not only “green” and kind to the environment, but also less heat losses, and therefore a smaller design format. This is achieved by an optimized distribution of components in the housing; this supports the natural circulation of the air (convection).

This allows the DIN-rail power supply to achieve a derating of up to 70°C. A quick-action clip system, and two different types of screw terminals allow for easy installation in the switch cabinet, and, thanks to the approval required for this in accordance with UL508 (Industrial Control Equipment) problem-free operation is guaranteed. As well as the usual approvals in accordance with EN60950, the KH family also holds a GL (Germanische Lloyd – shipping) approval. Another special feature of the KH series is the peak load capacity of up to 1.5 times the rated current (as of 120W nominal power), ideal for the supply of inductive loads with high starting current (e.g. motors). For implementation and control, use can be made in this case of the remote on/off connection, which saves the need for a relay, in a similar way as with the additional "Power Good" signal.

A protective coating for the board for particularly hard demands in the industrial environment, and optional mountings for screw connection to a board instead of the clip system for top-hat rails, allow for highly versatile use, including for customers who want a customer-specific label, and these arrangements can already be provided by COSEL from numbers of 500 units onwards. The innovative, cost-optimized design allows for a five-year guarantee, at no extra cost. All this enables COSEL to emphasize their image as really reliable partners, at the very highest technical level.

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