Plessey: LEDs on offer at CODICO

Plessey Semiconductors

CODICO is happy to announce having a new LED supplier on board. Together with Plessey Semiconductors new areas in the LED market are boarded. As the first company worldwide Plessey Semiconductors has brought the GaN-on-Silicon based technology for the production of LED chips to mass production. Dies produced on big 6" wafers allow a high yield, with significantly lower production costs compared to the use of sapphire or silicon carbide as a substrate. Additionally Plessey has the know-how to manufacture this silicon substrate as paper-thin layer around 2.5?m thickness. Difficulties such as different thermal coefficients or crystallographic differences between the two materials were perfected in production and prevent wafer bowing or cracking. By a far cheaper manufacturing process and the possibility of offering the chips in sizes 180x180 - 3000x3000?m, as well as integrated packages of 1005 – 5630 available in blue and white color, we see obvious advantages over the competition.

(from left to right): Sven Krumpel (CEO CODICO), Michael LeGoff (CEO Plessey), Giuliano Cassataro (Plessey EMEA Sales Consultant), Michael Frömel (CODICO Director of Sales, Active Components)
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