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2012-10-16  CODICO News  

Successful Recertification for CODICO Germany

What determines whether a company is going to succeed or fail is not just the quality of the products, but also the readiness and ability to react to changes on the markets and in customers’ wishes, with flexibility, innovation – and speed. These challenges can only be met with an effective quality management system.

The series of 9001 Standards have made it possible for the features of organizational quality to be established in a way that treats all sectors equally and applies to companies of all sizes, as a worldwide standard. The ISO 9001 Standard is aimed at establishing uniform terminology. Terms such as “Requirement”, “Customer satisfaction”, “Product”, “Process”, “System”, “Quality", and “Quality improvement”, for example, are defined internationally, and can therefore be applied in comparison to all companies in these sectors. The four foundations of the ISO 9001 Standard are responsibility and leadership, management of resources, product realization, and measurement, analysis and improvement.

When implementing the ISO 9001 Standard, the application of the improvement cycle “Plan-Do-Check-Act” should be an essential for all companies.

Since the first certification in 1995, the quality management system has been constantly improved and repeatedly checked. In April 2009 it was confirmed to us by our certification authority, Quality Austria, that our subsidiary CODICO Deutschland GmbH was also working in conformity with the applicable standards, and here too we are certified in accordance with EN ISO9001:2008.

The fact that our processes really work, and meet the requirements of the standards, is proved by the successful recertification for CODICO Deutschland GmbH, which was carried out in May 2012 by Quality Austria, Trainings-, Zertifizierungs- und Begutachtungs- GmbH, responsible for training, certification, and expert assessment.

More detailed information, and copies of certificates, can be obtained from our Quality Managment!


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