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2016-05-17  KDS Daishinku Corp
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Market trends and crystal oscillator development

New KDS VC-TCXO type (DSA series) and TCXO type (DSB series) are capable of operating over a wide temperature range (-40 to+105°C and high-precision (±0.5×10-6) TCXO for Automotive/Industrial.


“What does the market request to crystal oscillator development?” This is the main topic which crystal engineers face. The most important point is “Package size”. Market request today is to reduce the size of circuit area, so many crystal manufacturers are competing for the smallest package size development. The package size trend of TCXO today became 2.0×1.6mm and 2.5×2.0mm, compared to 10 years ago 5.0×3.2mm was the most used package.


What comes next? Second point should be “High-precision over a wide operating temperature range”. 10 years ago, the precision request was ±2.0~2.5×10-6 stability in operating temperature range of -30 to +85°C. Then, the technology reached a tolerance of ±0.5×10-6 within -40 to +85°C, which is a request for today’s automotive GPS application. But new requests coming from the market require the same tight tolerance, but for the wider temperature range.


For a long time the engineers had problems to manage the tolerance for temperature above 85°C. (See picture) KDS has developed new TCXO/VC-TCXO series DSA/DSB211SP (2.0×1.6mm) and DSA/DSB221SP (2.5×2.0mm) which operate at the temperature range from -40°C to +105°Cwith tolerance of ±0.5×10-6.


Even increasing operating temperature range up to 105°C this did not have negative influence on the other electronic characteristics. Phase noise for example remained at the same level as at high precision TCXO which operates from -40 to +85°C. Moreover, new TCXO/VC-TCXO series meet AEC-Q100 standard, which is suitable for high temperature automotive application like GPS roof antenna, telematics or dashboard applications.


Another advantage which KDS can offer is the package itself. To make it down-sizing, most of the crystal manufacturers selected “Double-room” structure (called “H-type”), which divides the room of crystal blank and temperature compensation IC. With this structure, it is easy to develop smaller size crystal oscillator, but it is not well protected against humidity since IC room is only covered by resin molding. KDS develops and produces all their oscillators as a “Single room” structure type, where crystal blank and IC are in one room. Having this structure type, the component is hermetically sealed and able to resist humidity and all the other environmental influences.



-       Temperature characteristic ±0.5×10-6 in -40 to 105°C

-       MSL-1, most resistible against humidity in the market

-       AEC-Q100 compliant

-       Frequency available as below
        From 12.288MHz to 52MHz for 2.0×1.6mm size
        From 9.6MHZ to 52MHz for 2.5×2.0mm size

-       Supply voltage available on +1.8V/+2.8V/+3.0V/+3.3V

-       Same low phase noise as standard TCXO

        Ex) Frequency >26MHz
        Offset 100Hz:         −105 dBc/Hz
        Offset 1kHz:           −125 dBc/Hz

        Offset 10kHz:         −135 dBc/Hz

        Offset 100kHz:       −145 dBc/Hz

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