2009-09-01  YAMAICHI

YAMAICHI ELECTRONICS has extended its comprehensive range of high-end test contactors, PCBs and burn-in sockets with the addition of spring probe pins (individual contact pins) to the lineup. Besides semiconductor and sensor testing, the new contact pins can be used in such areas as medical/space applications, application testing, failure analysis, programming and burn-in (HAST/THB).

YAMAICHI spring probe pins provide reliable contacting for various different IC packages, such as QFP, BGA, QFN and LGA types, as well as for other semiconductor components with a pitch of 0.3mm (ultra-low pitch) to 2.54mm. Additional potential applications are in wafer-level contacting, board-to-board connectors and PCB testing.

Highest possible contact reliability!

The spring probe pins’ contact mechanism is based on the concept of spring contacting, thus ensuring excellent mechanical and electrical characteristics:

  1. A durable and stable contact design providing the lowest possible mechanical contact wear, i.e., no degradation of the contact force, as well as minimal contact movement on the IC component or PCB contact pad.
  2.  Reliably low contact resistance (< 50mOhm), even with different surfaces.

Spring probe pins consist of a movable plunger, a cylindrical housing (or barrel) and a spring inside the barrel. Several different plunger shapes (tip styles) are available: convex (spherical), conical and crown designs, as well as a combination of different shapes for the upper and lower tip of the plunger if desired. Variants with only one movable plunger are also offered. In addition, a choice of contact pin lengths (1.0mm minimum) and barrel diameters are available, with the smallest diameter measuring 0.1mm.

The pins can be fabricated from different materials in order to meet customers’ specific electrical and mechanical requirements. YAMAICHI’s spring probe pin portfolio includes versions offering up to >500k contact cycles, a typical contact force of 25gf, an operating temperature range of –40°C to +150°C and a stable, low contact resistance of <50mOhm.

Currently, some 20 different standard versions are available ex-factory from YAMAICHI. The minimum order quantity is 100 units. Additional versions are available on request.


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Die neuen Spring-Probe-Pins
Test- & BurnIn-Sockel
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