RUBYCON: A Quantum Leap –ELCAP for up to 20,000h @ 105°C!

2012-04-23  Passive Components   RUBYCON

A Quantum Leap –ELCAP for up to 20,000h @ 105°C!

Thanks to further improvements and innovations, RUBYCON, the technology leader in long-life ELCAPs, has achieved the longest guaranteed load life yet for an aluminum electrolytic capacitor – with the new LLE series. Designed especially for use in intermediate circuits of LED applications, the series, for example, offers 10mm x 16mm versions with a load life of 20,000h at 105°C and full ripple current. As a result, the ELCAP now loses its bad reputation as being the weakest link in the component chain in terms of reliability. The LLE is available with standard rated voltages of 160V, 200V and 400V, and capacitance values of 1uF to 33uF. In addition to versions measuring from 6.3mm x 11mm to 10mm x 16mm, RUBYCON offers 8mm x 9mm and 10mm x 9mm cans for low-profile applications. If you require other voltage or capacitance values, we would be pleased to support you with custom solutions.

Overview of guaranteed load life ratings:
Datei <file://\\\dfs\PCcommon\RTR\Impulse\LLE lifetime.xls>

We would be happy to send you the complete details!

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