2008-09-01  RUBYCON

Are you aware that the EU is pushing the transition to energy saving lamps? And, that such lamps wouldn’t even have a capacity for saving energy had it not been for the rapid development of RUBYCON starting over ten years ago!

That’s right, we don’t believe that energy-saving design should start with the user – but, instead, much earlier in the chain…

Today’s customers expect more than just high-quality products, as they also place great value in environmentally friendly production methods, highly motivated and loyal employees who for years have been manufacturing premium products, and unrestricted product lifetimes – and, of course, all of that “maintenance-free.”

In addition to RUBYCON’s leading product technologies in the aluminum electrolytic capacitor segment, the company has specialized for many years in the following areas, among others:

- Energy management: from the film to finished products.
- Efficiency and process control in accordance with VDA6.3 for all RUBYCON factories, as the audits of leading automobile industry customers will confirm!
- Maintenance-free elcap concepts for environmentally friendly technologies – e.g., WIND & SOLAR power converters.
- Kaizen activities in all areas, but especially to improve production efficiency.

As a result of these activities, RUBYCON’s film factory – SCF Shin-Ei Capacitor Film – today manufactures etched aluminum films with a superior surface wrinkling, thereby enabling elcaps with the smallest dimensions.

Even for the formation of its films, RUBYCON has in-house, environmentally friendly resources at its disposal to help reduce reliance on energy providers.

Thanks to such innovative manufacturing concepts, RUBYCON is today’s technology leader in the following key areas:

Alternative energy: snap-in & screw-terminal elcaps for converters
Automotive: elcaps with vibration resistance up to 50g; patented anti-vibration models
Drive controls: “non-burn” screw-terminal elcaps with > 40A current capacity

Of course, five years from now, we will need to meet quite different demands and standards. That’s why RUBYCON is already now changing the trend on the capacitor market – with its PMLCAP:

No wonder this new dimension in capacitors is making a splash in 2008, as the PMLCAP dwarfs today’s conventional polymer technologies. Then again, it was designed for use in demanding applications of the future!

PMLCAP – Features in Brief:

0 impedance
Most stable and extremely low ESR from -55°C to 150°C
No leakage current
No acoustic noise




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