2012-10-15  Passive Components   RUBYCON

High ripple currents – compact dimensions!

Decades of experience in the development of high-performance electrolytic capacitors mean that RUBYCON can now present yet another highlight.

Technologies and materials are constantly getting better and better still, and that means impedance and extremely high ripple current loading can be achieved even with very compact dimensions. The same cup size now has almost double the current loading capacity of the previous series.

This characteristics and the special can dimensions (such as 6.3x7, 6.3x9, 8x9, 8x10.8) mean that the AX Series (low-voltage types with 6.3V ~ 10V) are ideally suited for output filter applications with restricted spatial conditions.

With a can size of only 6.3mm x 7mm, just 1 Arms at 105°C/100kHz can be achieved, and at 6.3mm x 11mm this reaches about 1.5A at 105°C/100kHz.

The 400V version, likewise with very compact dimensions, as a DC- or link capacitor, is the ideal supplement for the low ESR types.

We shall be happy to send you the exact details.



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