RUBYCON - NEWS: HXG – The Snap-In Revolution!

2012-10-15  Passive Components   RUBYCON

It was years ago that RUBYCON succeeded in making the decisive breakthrough, with the ZL Series, that significantly cut back the ESR in electrolyte capacitors. Further developments based on the new technology have made it possible to achieve higher and higher current loads, and with longer and longer service lives.

Thanks to the use of this complex low-ESR technology now in the high-voltage range as well, RUBYCON has taken the first triumphant step in the revolution in snap-in electric capacitors.

Having up to 40% higher current load capacity in comparison with the previous series, and with the same dimensions, opens up a whole range of varied possibilities for you. In situations in which the current arrangement means parallel connection of several capacitors is required, you can now reduce the number of branches per module accordingly. And as a further option, there is the possibility of using smaller structural formats. This saves space, which you can use for better ventilation or even miniaturization.

With the HXG Series, RUBYCON has again provided impressive proof of its technological lead – and leadership. Long years of know-how mean you save space – and money too.

We shall be happy to provide you with more information!


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