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2017-04-05  Passive Components   RUBYCON

Our CODICO Selection Tool is supporting you

For output filtering in your switching power supply a capacitor with very high ripple current capability is needed. There are many ways to meet these requirements but common solutions will use big electrolytic capacitors utilizing a lot of space.


For instance you are looking for 35V, 2Arms and a very long lifetime with minimalized dimensions? Our CODICO Selection Tool supports you with plenty of filter criterias to provide the best option for miniaturization. With only a few clicks you will be able to find the ideal solution!

To the search criteria given the Selection Tool will offer you the following results:

35YXH1000MEFC12.5x25 (Standard type THT 105°C/10.000h)

35ZLJ390M10x16 (THT 105°C/10.000h miniaturized)

35PEV68M6.3x8 (SMD Hybrid 105°C/10.000h ultra miniaturized)


Use the latest RUBYCON technologies to optimize your power supply regarding space requirements and cost.


Order here to find the most fitting capacitors to your needs! 


If you have any questions or prefer a personal consulting regarding more complex mission load profile, feel free to contact Roland Trimmel.


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