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2012-04-23  Passive Components   RUBYCON

Yet another product innovation resulting from RUBYCON’s mature technologies is an ultra-miniature radial aluminum elcap that is ideal for input filtering. Despite its compact dimensions, the BXW series achieves a guaranteed load life of 10,000h at 105°C and full ripple current. For existing designs, this capacitor enables you to achieve space savings with only a barely noticeable drop in performance, or to increase capacitance, voltage or expected service life (under actual operating conditions) when the space requirements remain the same.

Comparison TXW vs. BXW:
Datei <file://\\\dfs\PCcommon\RTR\Impulse\BXW - TXW Vergleich.xls>

Voltage Range: 400V ~ 450V, Capacitance Range: 15uF ~ 220uF

The dimensions of 10mm x 45mm or 12.5mm x 50mm enable extremely low-profile designs when the capacitors are axially mounted (thanks to their small diameter). This style of mounting requires bent connecting wires, which we can supply pre-assembled.

If the profile is still too high, RUBYCON also offers special “pencil” types – for example, TXW series versions with dimensions of 8mm x 60mm or 12.5 x 60mm. Even with a diameter of only 8mm, the guaranteed load life remains 10,000h.

Also newly available are TXWs with voltages of 35V ~ 160V. In this range, too, RUBYCON offers the long, slim versions, for example with the following dimensions:  6.3mm x 50mm (e.g., 35V/390uF or 50V/220uF), 8mm x 60mm or 10mm x 60mm. Starting at a diameter of 8mm, their load life is also 10,000h, and even the ultra-slim 6.3mm-diameter capacitors still offer a load life of 7,000h at 105°C. As a result, the series is perfectly suited for output filtering in LED driver applications.

Here is a brief extract from the data sheet:
Datei <file://\\\dfs\PCcommon\RTR\Impulse\TXW pencil type.xls>

If you require more detailed information, simply request it from CODICO!

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