RUBYCON: Optimized heat dissipation – high ripple current capability

2016-03-28  Passive Components   RUBYCON

New screw terminal e-caps

With LUR- and LHR-series RUBYCON introduces new screw terminal e-caps which provide a significantly higher ripple current capability in miniaturized dimensions.


This is achieved by the so called “extended cathode structure“ which enables a high heat dissipation from inside the e-cap. At that the cathode foil is contacted to the aluminium case and so the heat optimized deducted.


In close cooperation between customer, CODICO and RUBYCON customer specific solutions are being realized in addition which are exactly fitted to your requirements.


Please find additional details here:

Datasheet LUR (85°C 5.000h)

Datasheet LHR (105°C 5.000h)


More information is available on requirement from Roland Trimmel.

CODICO, RUBYCON, screw terminal e-caps

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