RUBYCON: low-ESR SMD e-cap

2015-11-05  Passive Components   RUBYCON

Guaranteed lifetime of 10,000hrs

RUBYCON developed a low-ESR e-cap which provides a guaranteed lifetime of 10.000hrs at 105°C and full ripple current capability. There are capacitances of up to 8,200uF at 6.3V or 1,500uF at 50V available. The dimensions are 18x21.5mm at those values. For a higher vibration resistance a special socket is available.


Further information is available in the Datasheet TRV.


In case you should have additional question, please contact Roland Trimmel.


RUBYCON 10.000h Low-ESR SMD-Elko
RUBYCON 10.000h Low-ESR SMD-Elko

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