2009-03-01  YAMAICHI

YAMAICHI ELECTRONICS now also offers power connectors for use in MicroTCA systems.

Embedded computing systems based on the MicroTCA standard (Micro Telecommunications Computing Architecture) are no longer being used in the telecom sector alone. For example, they are increasingly also finding their way into industrial, military, traffic and medical applications.


The PICMG MicroTCA.0 basis specification relies on the use of Advanced Mezzanine Cards (AMCs). Thanks to their small footprint, AMCs enable the construction of systems that are very compact and robust. For shelf management, the system can be assembled with an MCH plug (MicroTCA Carrier Hub). YAMAICHI offers suitable connectors that stand out especially for their high-speed transmission properties. Further information is available using the keyword “AdvancedCMT” at

In addition to high-speed signal connectors, the YAMAICHI product range now also includes MicroTCA power connectors. The MicroTCA power connectors are offered as 96-pin versions and are compliant with the PICMG specification. These connectors are equipped with 72 signal pins and 24 power contacts that can transmit over 11A. Thanks to the robust design of the plug housing, the connectors can be blind mated (plugged). The angled male connector on the Advanced Mezzanine Cards is used for this purpose, while a straight version of the female connector is installed on the backplane. Due to the leading and lagging contacts, the connectors are also hot-swap capable. Standard press-fit tools can be used to mount the power connectors onto the backplane or Advanced Mezzanine Card.


Imp_1_2009_S07_YAMAICHI_MicroTCA Power Steckverbinder_Bild_kl.jpg

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