2011-10-24  Passive Components   SAGAMI

In addition to their standard components, Sepic converters also require special passive components which play a major role in ensuring perfect functionality.

The main components involved in this respect are Sepic coils L1 and L2, the input and output capacitors and also the Sepic capacitor Cs.

Since the two inductors L1 and L2 can share the core, a 1:1 turns ratio is generally used. In the form of its SQR series measuring just 12mm x 12mm, SAGAMI can supply compact SMD throttles with two different design heights. The inductance values range from 2 x 1.2µH to 2 x 560µH. The low values have a saturation current of up to 21 A and a thermal continuous current of over 5A. The saturation current for the higher inductances is 1 – 2A whilst the RMS current is approx. 500mA.

We can also supply products from SUMIDA/VOGT and TOKO for bespoke solutions. With SUMIDA/VOGT, in particular, we have access to larger components and components in a wired design, which means that their inductance and/or current carrying capacity can also be increased.

CODICO supplies the perfect solutions for the capacitors required in the converters. The Sepic capacity Cs, in particular, is exposed to a high current load.

We can use products from RUBYCON, SANYO and SUNCON in the ELKO segment for this purpose. All three manufacturers specialize in solutions with a high ripple current carrying capacity. Depending on the focus we can supply low cost solutions in the SMD segment or as radial solutions. RUBYCON can supply capacitors with a long service life and high current carrying capacity especially for LED converters, particularly for the radial segment. Small dimensions result in savings in space and costs.

In SMD versions SUNCON can supply extremely compact solutions in the form of EP-Caps (aluminum polymer hybrid ELKO) which combine a high capacity with a long service life.

CODICO can also supply the very latest technologies from MURATA from the ceramic capacitor segment. Very often the MLCCs are also responsible for unpleasant noise development. MURATA has developed special products with a low DC bias-dependence to counter this problem. These and stacked capacitors result in a drastic reduction in acoustic interference.

We can also suggest ceramic capacities with the appropriate safety features or flexible connectors for automotive applications and applications subject to high thermal and mechanical loads. The AEC-Q200-listed GCM series is now available with X8L, X8R and X8G characteristics for temperatures up to 150°C.

Contact our specialists for more information or designs of perfect passive components for your SEPIC converters.


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