SILVER TELECOM – pump it up!

2016-01-29  Power Supply Modules   SILVERTEL

The new Solar Power Battery Charger

SILVER TELECOM launches new Solar Power Battery Charger Range to support remote and home automation applications. The two new products Ag103 and Ag104 feature MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) to shorten charging time, multi-stage charging to optimize battery life time and temperature compensation. Ag103 also provides deep discharge protection. The new modules are perfect to pump up versatile applications such as electronic road signs, remote access control, home automation sensors, alarm systems, parking meters, emergency or outside lighting


Please find further information in the datasheet.


For all questions regarding SILVER TELECOM please contact Andreas Hanausek.

SILVER TELECOM, CODICO, Solar Power Battery Charger
SILVER TELECOM Solar Power Battery Charger
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