SILVERTEL: Power over Ethernet – Single-Channel Power Injection Including IEEE802.3 af & at Protection Functions

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ower over Ethernet – Single-Channel Power Injection Including IEEE802.3 af & at Protection Functions

As an embedded module, the Ag6100 provides an Ethernet power source for stand-alone applications. The PCB-mountable turnkey solution from SILVERTEL comes in the form of a compact circuit board and supplies a single port with power after automatically verifying the safety signature on the load side (i.e., of the powered device) in conformance with applicable standards.

Power over Ethernet (PoE) is used on a grand scale as a standard method, wherever both data and power must be supplied to a point of use serving multiple devices, such as in building access systems, data terminals and security systems. Particularly impressive is its flexibility for retrofitting points of use that were not planned as such in the original building infrastructure, meaning where no electrical installation (with power outlets) is planned in the near future.

With respect to multi-port systems, complete PoE midspan modules are usually available for cabinet installation. However, for stand-alone applications designers have often had to fall back on either costly or unprofessional external devices. But now there is a professional and complete solution that easily integrates a PoE power sourcing capability in legacy data transfer equipment – and it comes from SILVERTEL!

Starting immediately, CODICO is able to supply the Ag6100 modules for injecting an isolated supply voltage between 44 and 57VDC with up to 39 watts. The modules are equipped with a microcontroller that manages signature verification and recognition of the power class (of the powered devices) in compliance with IEEE802.3 af or at, to ensure that the corresponding power is ramped up only after positive initialization. In addition, it continuously monitors the applicable operating conditions during the entire time of use. The modules operate with a dissipation factor below 2% to keep heat generation and power consumption low. They are designed for vertical installation directly on the PCB via single-inline pinning, with a maximum height of 14mm and maximum footprint of 53mm x 7mm.

These single-channel modules are ideal for Power-over-Ethernet in medical applications – with use of an adequately isolated input voltage and in observance of the applicable air gaps, creepage distances and leakage currents. At the same time, they support quick and easy implementation of PoE standards-compliant network applications in industrial environments and in the higher-end home segment.

The delivery time is six weeks for series production quantities and two weeks for samples. CODICO would also be pleased to provide you with evaluation support.

Specifications in Brief:
- Input: 44 - 57VDC
- Output: up to 39 watts PoE
- Integrated Class Recognition
- Smart protection: IEEE802.3 af & at
- Form Factor: 53mm x 7mm x 14mm (l x w x h)
- Pinning: SIL

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