SMD Al-polymer-hybrid capacitors from RUBYCON in small dimensions

2016-02-29  Passive Components   RUBYCON

Hybrid caps with great electrical characteristics

RUBYCON has extended their product portfolio of aluminium-polymer-hybrid capacitors by small case sizes.

Are hybrid caps due to the great electrical characteristics usually used in applications where you need to realize a compact solution, you are now able to make use of the advantages also at even smaller available space.


The way lower ESR und the significant higher ripple current capability in same or even smaller case sizes, compared to conventional low-ESR e-caps, enables you following advantages in your design:


  • Use of a smaller SMD case size instead of a larger THT or SMD e-cap
  • Use of only one hybrid capacitor instead of one or more e-caps


Please find further information below: Datasheet PEV (105°C SMD) Datasheet PFV (125°C SMD).


In case of interest don't hesitate to contact Roland Trimmel.

RUBYCON, CODICO, Hybrid capacitors
RUBYCON_Hybrid capacitors
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