SOURIAU has introduced the first Quadrax connectors for railway applications. Quadrax was originally invented and patented by SOURIAU in the 2000s for the aircraft industry. Since then, several tens of thousands of these reliable and easy-to-use ETHERNET connectors (for high-speed applications) have been sold. With seven product lines and some 100 different layouts, SOURIAU offers the largest connector portfolio for onboard or trackside railway technology applications. With respect to Quadrax connectors, several thousand have already been sold to SNCF and Alstom for new rolling stock or modernizations.

The Ethernet Quadrax solution can be installed on new rolling stock or on trains that are being upgraded. When used with copper cabling and transmission data according to MVB, WTB and Ethernet, speeds of up to 1 Gigabyte/second can be achieved. Connectors with Quadrax contacts have been adapted to suit railway cables, which have unique cross-sections and diameters. The SOURIAU railway range now offers five different connectors with Quadrax:
- One layout with one Quadrax for the VGE1 series
- One layout with one Quadrax for the FER1 series
- Three layouts for the 838 series: two Quadrax, four Quadrax and four Quadrax + eight signal contacts.

The VGE1, FER 1 and 838 series Quadrax connectors comply with the NF F 61-030 standard, and the composite materials used meet Class 2 (fire/smoke) requirements according to the NF F 16-101 and 16-102 standards. In addition, Quadrax connectors are classified as Category 6 in accordance with the IEC 11801 Ethernet standard.

In developing quick-connector solutions with Quadrax contacts for railway technology, SOURIAU has continued its standardization policy: a single Quadrax mating design is offered for all product ranges. Indeed, standardization is a strong point of the SOURIAU connector portfolio. The most significant example is a single AWG 16 contact derived from the TRIM TRIO industrial range for use in all railway product lines. Altogether, the railway portfolio offers seven dedicated product lines and some 100 layouts. This provides total flexibility and versatility for on-board equipment, signaling systems and infrastructure applications. 

With an ISO 14001 and IRIS certified production facility, SOURIAU underscores the emphasis on sustainable development. The connectors are made of composite materials that contribute to weight savings, thus helping to lower the energy consumption of trains. And, in the area of high-speed data transmission, SOURIAU is working on fiber-optic connector solutions that will replace heavy copper cables in certain applications.

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