New members in STOCKO CONTACT’s product family ECO-TRONIC!

STOCKO CONTACT increased its product family ECO-TRONIC 2.50mm pitch to meet requirements of automotive, domestic appliances industries, electrical and electronic industries applications.

Besides existing IDC housings and in IDC technology and pin connectors in THT and SMD technology STOCKO CONTACT developed crimp housings and pin connectors in press-fit technology.

ECO-TRONIC crimp housings:

Similar to IDC housings the new crimp housings can be used for direct connections as well as for indirect connections (see picture 1 and 2).

The automotive specification LV 214 requires a contact extraction force of 55N of the housing’s primary locking and secondary locking of ECO-TRONIC’s crimp housings fulfils this requirement, too!

ECO-TRONIC’s crimp housings are available with 2-12Pins and with tinned and gold plated contacts.

Their crimp connection fulfils the requirements of VW-Crimping standard 60333 for wire sizes 0,22mm² and 0,35mm².

Main features:

  • RAST 2.5 Standard
  • Crimp technology
  • Direct and indirect connections
  • 2-12pins
  • Tinned and gold plated contacts
  • Wire size: 0,22-0,35mm²
  • Rated current and voltage: 2A, 32V
  • Approval is following LV214 und VW 60330 (USCAR 2 is scheduled for 2015)
  • Straight cable exit

ECO-TRONIC pin connectors in press-fit technology:

Besides pin connectors in THT and SMD technology STOCKO CONTACT developed pin connectors in press-fit technology (see picture 3).

The new developed and innovative press-fit area meets the requirements of different market segments.

Main features:

  • RAST 2.5 Standard
  • With and without locking function
  • Straight version for vertical mating process
  • Qualification according to DIN EN 60352-5

ECO-TRONIC Connectors are used in applications of domestic appliances and industry. In the area of automotive they are mainly used in luminaires and in interiors of vehicles.

Both new products are senseful complements to the existing ECO-TRONIC product range and fulfil the requirement for an alternative connection technology. With both new products more and universal fields of applications are possible.

With its continuously modification and upgrading of its product range STOCKO CONTACT meets the market’s demands of functional and economical products.

picture 1: housing for direct connections
picture 2: housing for indirect connection
picture 3: pin connector in press-fit technology
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