SUMIDA’s 150°C Metal Alloy Inductors

2015-11-25  Passive Components   SUMIDA

SUMIDA expands its product portfolio!

SUMIDA expands its product portfolio with the new Metal Alloy series CDMC. Due to the new construction and the use of iron powder cores the following features can be achieved:


• High current capability

• Low resistance values

• Compact design

• Low magnetic flux leakage

• Temperature range -55 ° C to + 150 ° C


The new Metal Alloy series CDMC has an inductance range from 0.1μH to 68μH and a saturation current value from 2.1A up to 60A. AEC-Q200 certified series are available.


Please find further details in CDMC datasheets.


Raised your interest? Mail your request to Selma Jakupovic - we would be glad to assist you!


SUMIDA’s 150°C Metal Alloy Inductors
SUMIDA’s Metal Alloy Inductor

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