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New PTA105xx magnetic flow sensor makes flow measurement and control easy, with added reliability – and all in one unit!

Celduc’s flow sensor detects even the slightest movement in a whole range of applications in flow measurement.

Format with one open contact (A form) 250Vpeak - 100VA - 1A

If there is no flow, the contact is open. Flow accordingly means that the contact is closed. 

Two different paddle lengths available (57 or 77mm).

Possible variants
PTA10534 with 0.5m cable + short paddle (57mm)
PTA10535 with 2m cable + short paddle (57mm)
PTA10595 with 2m cable + long paddle (77mm)

Typical applications
Monitoring of flow rates in water treatment plants or swimming pools, in order to identify possible failure of the dosing pumps.
Switch-on supervision of heat pumps or continuous-flow heaters for which a certain flow rate must be ensured.

Main advantage
Unlike a pressure switch, where a closed valve downstream will result in incorrect information, a flow sensor only responds when flow is present.

If this is of interest, we shall be happy to provide more detailed information and support you with your particular application.

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