Smart Integration of Powerline Communication

2012-10-16  Powerline Modules   DEVOLO

Even if the embedded powerline design is considerably simplified with HomePlug Green PHY and a single-chip solution such as the QCA7000, it is easier, less risky and faster in many cases involving small to medium quantities, to use a ready-made module.

DEVOLO, world market leader in the field of powerline adapters, has developed a HomePlug Green PHY module based on the QCA7000 for these applications, which is ideally suited for integration into customer applications.

dLAN® Green PHY module

Its communication, however, is not restricted to the power line.

Using the dLAN® Green PHY module, communication can take place on any type of 2-wire connection (telephone or antenna cable, doorbell or door opener wiring etc.) and at a speed of up to 10 Mbit/s.

Its extraordinarily robust transmission technology attains levels of coverage in the house that hardly any other technology can achieve.

This makes the dLAN® Green PHY module ideal for installation in all electrical appliances of a smart home. From the heating system to the refrigerator – Green PHY permits seamless integration into the networked home. Thanks to the open standard, smart-energy applications, sensor and automation solutions can be set up and used efficiently. Another advantage offered by the dLAN® Green PHY module is that it operates in a particularly energy-saving mode and – compared to other conventional HomePlug solutions – has a reduced energy consumption.

Smart home automation

Innovative sensor solutions for the smart home

The DEVOLO dLAN® Green PHY modules enable tailor-made solutions to be created for networked house sensor systems. Smoke and burglar alarms as well as many other devices are interconnected to create a powerful network for greater security and convenience in the home.

Smart metering and E-mobility

Efficient data communication for greater energy efficiency

The dLAN® Green PHY modules are the ideal communication equipment for all smart meters in the house.

In addition, Green PHY has created a standard for vehicle-to-grid communication by electric cars for the first time. This technology based on powerline communication permits the exchange of data between electric car and Smart Grid while charging.

Control and comfort:
Temperature sensor
Motion detector
Brightness sensor
Switchable socket
Lighting controller
Window shutter motor
White goods

Energy monitoring:
Electricity meter
Gas meter
Heating system
Water heating
Water meter
Electric car
Charging station
Converter for the photovoltaic system

Smoke alarm
Burglar alarm
Door intercom

Further applications:
Rail car networking, networking of automotive systems etc.

The dLAN® Green PHY module offers a wide selection of interfaces:
4 x UART (up to 1 Mbit/s), SPI, Fast Ethernet, USB, CAN 2.0B, PWM / motor control, 2x I²C, 12 bit ADC up to 200 kHz, 10 bit DAC, SSP, GPIO

Thanks to its compact dimensions of approx. 40 mm x 43 mm x 16 mm (height x width x depth – module height including pins) and its low weight of just 12 grams, it can be used in a wide variety of applications.

Its compatibility with HomePlug AV enables communication with many millions of PLC adapters on the market acting as remote terminals.

The integrated 128 bit AES encryption ensures secure data transmission.

It goes without saying that the dLAN® Green PHY module is CE-compliant, in accordance with the technical requirements for all countries in the EU, plus Switzerland.

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