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2013-11-06  Passive Components   RUBYCON

Things are happening in the snap-in sector!

Ready for takeoff are two series, tailored to suit different requirements. Technical revolutions are allowing Rubycon, with the “MXK”, to achieve even further miniaturization in relation to the products which were previously available (450V / 330µF by some 16%, for example).

With the NXG series, the snap-in sector for the first time has a product with a guaranteed service life of 10,000 hours at 105°C and full current loading.

MXK – Features:
Voltage range:  400V ~ 450V
Capacitance:   82µF ~ 1000µF
Dimensions (mm):  22x25 ~ 35x50
Temperature range:  -25°C - +105°C
Service life (guaranteed): 2,000h

NXG – Features:
Voltage range:  400V ~ 450V
Capacitance:   120µF ~ 680µF
Dimensions (mm):  20x45 ~ 35x60
Temperature range:  -25°C - +105°C
Service life (guaranteed): 10,000h

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