Square 4.0” Touch-Display

2018-12-18  Displays   MULTI-INNO Technology
Quadratisches 4.0“ Touch-Display by MULTI-INNO

Displays with an aspect ratio of 16:9 or 4:3 are quite common and well known. MULTI-INNO now has launched a square TFT display with capacitive touch on the market. This opens up new fields of application. Square displays used to be available as full custom types only. The new 4.0” TFT display now is a standard product and therefore is available without paying any tooling charges for many applications.

High resolution and contrast

It comes with a high resolution of 720*720 pixels, has a high contrast ratio of 900:1, is manufactured in IPS technology and therefore has a full viewing angle on all sides. The brightness is 300 nits, making it ideal for in-door applications. A projected capacitive touch panel provides the necessary functionality for flexibility on input operations. The design is made very compact and thin – the total thickness including the touch panel is only 2.56 mm, targeting extremely compact control units, eg. installation in flush-mounted boxes.

The display of course is also suitable for industrial use and has a correspondingly wide temperature range. Above all, the touch panel makes this TFT very interesting for a variety of new, perhaps also unusual applications apart from standard control purposes.

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