Power without wasting energy!

POWER INTEGRATIONS has extended its “zero power” family of intelligent IC chips with the addition of the new LinkZero-LP AC/DC switching regulator.

With only a few external components, the new IC with integrated 700V MOSFET enables the implementation of efficient power supplies delivering up to 3W and with 0W no-load power consumption. In contrast to commonly used alternative solutions that merely lower the clock frequency at zero load, the LinkZero-LP offers real no-load power down:

As soon as the load is disconnected from the secondary side, the IC enters “zero input power mode” (i.e., draws no input power) to automatically lower no-load power consumption to 4mW max. – a level that corresponds to 0.00W when rounded according to IEC 62301.

With a maximum output power of up to 3W, the LinkZero-LP is suited for all types of battery chargers and adapters, be they for mobile electronic devices, electric toothbrushes, eBook readers, media players, digital cameras, navigation devices, etc.

Environmental organizations estimate that 2/3 of all energy consumed by mobile devices is wasted as no-load power consumption. Previously, the only means of preventing no-load energy consumption was to use a mechanical switch – a solution found in very few mobile device chargers. But the LinkZero-LP achieves this goal without a mechanical switch, thanks to POWER INTEGRATIONS’ patented EcoSmart™ technology in combination with the device’s one-of-a-kind power down mode. The latter detects when the load is disconnected and in turn switches off the internal high-voltage MOSFET. As soon as the load is reconnected, the IC automatically restarts from the power down mode.

The new IC also remains true to the simplified circuit design of the LinkSwitch™-LP family, thus enabling OEM designs without a clamp circuit and with less than 20 external components. And the LinkZero-LP is even backward compatible with circuits that use Link-LP ICs, which are already in widespread use.

Samples and reference design kits are available now.

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