Which of the well known market leaders will manage to solve the dilemma between conservative “component rating” on the one hand whilst also providing high performance in terms of features and specification and combining this with the latest extremely compact module standard dimensions on the other?

EMERSON NETWORK POWER is launching a whole series of new power supply unit families with a conservative design but which are also approved under industrial standards, to IEC60950 and medical standards to IEC60601. This means that there is no longer any difference for EMERSON between medical technology and industrial applications because sensitive applications must in principle always run reliably. Increased insulation resistance, clearance and creepage distances or lower earth leakage currents are also desirable in measurement applications and in automation systems.

The robust nature of the products due to the conservative design of all the components which are only exposed to a maximum of 70% of their nominal value is confirmed by demonstrated MTBF values under the Bellcore standard which are the far side of 500,000 hours.

These results are assured by extremely comprehensive design verification tests (DVT) and product transition phases. All transformers are designed to Class F for the possibility of safety-relevant excess temperatures.

40W – 60W measuring 2”x4” for Energy Star 2.0-compatible applications

The NPS40 series delivers 45 W in still air and 60 W in forced ventilation whilst occupying an area of just 50 mm x 100 mm.  It is guaranteed to power up in ambient temperatures of -20°C or over. It is supplied with operating specifications for power reduction in the range from 0°C to +80°C. Idling power consumption is suppressed to below 300 mW for Energy Star 2.0 applications, thus helping the developer to comply with the latest requirements of the EuP Directive. A range of output voltages between 5 V and 48 V are available. The remote sensing voltage drops on the lines helps to compensate for low voltages, a function to which few manufacturers pay any attention in this power class.

80W – 150W measuring 2”x4”:

The LPS100 devices with a single output and the LPT100 series with triple outputs supply 100 W in convention or 150 W in forced ventilation. In general terms, this power class with a footprint of 50 mm x 100 mm is hardly a novelty, but at the upper limit of the power range, the small print in the specifications should always be given special attention. LPS100 power supply units with a single output from 12 V upwards supply a genuine level of 100 W without fan cooling in the full temperature range up to +50°C. Only above this is a linear power reduction to 50 W at +70°C recommended. The manufacturer guarantees cold starting in temperatures of -20°C or over. The LPT100 versions with triple outputs supply 80 W in temperatures of up to +50°C with convection and 130 W with forced ventilation. As standard the series has a relatively wide setting range for all outputs and it must be stated at this point that each of the channels on the LPT100 models with triple outputs can be adjusted separately. In addition there are power fail signals available for testing the mains voltage and remote sensing contacts to compensate the line losses at the main outputs as well as an excess temperature cut-out. On the single versions there is also an additional 12 V / 1 A secondary output for fans or a similar position.

130W to 250W measuring 3”x5”:

The next larger group is also available with multiple output configurations in single and quadruple versions: Each individual output channel can be adjusted separately with ranges between -40%/+10% or -10%/+10%. On the output side the contacts are made using screw terminals whilst the signal connection for remote sensing and power fail is made using a plug connector. The quadruple version LPQ200 of this power class supplies an output rating of 100 W in conventional conditions up to +50°C and 130 W with forced ventilation whilst the single version supplies 125 W in conventional form and 250 W with a fan. 275 W are available for dynamic load cycles over periods of less than 30 seconds with a 10% repeat rate. On the single output LPS200 versions there is an additional fan output with 12 V/1 A. A cold start is guaranteed in temperatures of -20°C or over.

300W to 600W measuring 4.5“x 7.5"x 2.4“:

The LCM600 is EMERSON’s development to provide a universal solution for all power requirements between 300 W and 650 W and offers incredible value for money. These devices will operate in a temperature between -40°C and +50°C with 600 W without any limit and they will also supply 300 W in temperatures of up to +70°C. In the design with the integrated DSP, special attention was paid to providing particularly low noise operation and a temperature-controlled fan improves this even further in moderate temperature or load cycles. The noise level is less than 45 dBA with 80% load and an air temperature of +30°C. The series is supplied with single output voltages in the range from 3.3 VDC to 56 VDC with the setting range being +/-20% of the nominal value. For parallel operation the load is split among all the devices involved (up to a maximum of 10 devices) with an accuracy of 10% with an integrated decoupling FET module being available as an option. In maximum mode the efficiency level is 88%, the typical efficiency level is specified at 89%. In idle state there is a 5 V standby supply whilst the main unit can be switched off using a signal. Extensive device protection with overload, surge and double excess temperature trip together with a robust design which complies with MIL-STD-810F for vibration and impact resistance ensures as fail-safe operation as possible. The mains voltage and output level are monitored and output in the form of a signal. If humid or aggressive ambient air is present whilst the device is operating, it may be sealed with a protective coating to order. International test certificates to IEC60950 and IEC60601 have been awarded for these devices.

Brief details for LCM600:
 - Input: 85-264 VAC / 47-440 Hz
 - Rating: 650 W (-40°C to +50°C)
300 W @ +70°C
 - Outputs:  
2.0 – 4 VDC / 150A
4.0 – 6.0 VDC / 120 A
9.6 – 14.4V / 54A
12.0 – 19.5V / 44A
19.5 – 28.8 V / 27 A
38.4 – 57.6 V / 14 A
 - Standby output: 5 VDC
 - Temperature-controlled fan:
Noise level < 45 dBA (80% load; 30°C)
 - Options: OR-ing FET ; conformal coating
 - Signals:  Remote Sense, Remote On/Off
 - AC-Good
 - DC-Fail
 - Load Share
 - Typical efficiency: 89%
 - EMI: EN55022-B; EN55011-B; EN61000 
 - Safety: 60950-1 / 60601 / UL508 / CCC

Regardless of the rating class or configuration you are interested in, if you would like a personal quotation please contact us!


Imp_1_2010_A15_EMERSON_Embedded Power_NPS40-st_Bild1.jpg
Fig. 1: 40W to 60W on 2"x4"
Imp_1_2010_A15_EMERSON_Embedded Power_LPT100-st_Bild 2.jpg
Fig. 2: 80W to 150W on 2"x4"
Imp_1_2010_A15_EMERSON_Embedded Power_LPS200-st_Bild3.jpg
Fig. 3: 130W to 250W on 3"x5"
Imp_1_2010_A15_EMERSON_LCM600Q group_Bild4.jpg
Fig. 4: 300W to 600W on 4,5"x7,5"x2,4"
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