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Japanese manufacturer COSEL is entering the DIN RAIL power supply market with some outstanding products. The company has set itself some high targets for its development. It hopes that its AC power supply will play a leading role in low power consumption mode, particularly in the difficult single-phase connection market. It’s very compact dimensions give the design more space on the DIN rail and in addition its sturdy design means that it provides a very long service life whilst giving excellent value for money.

With an efficiency rate of up to 94%, the single-phase DIN rail power supplies in COSEL’s newly developed KH series set new standards in terms of efficiency. The 120W version has an efficiency rate of 92% whilst the 240 W and 360 W versions manage a very creditable 94%. This high efficiency is achieved by the use of the new bridgeless PFC and an LLC resonant converter.

Conventional PFCs (power factor correction units) use a rectifier bridge and switch with a transistor. Bridgeless PFCs do not need a rectifier and instead the KH series is fitted with switched for both polarities which are controlled by a controller. This means that the efficiency rate can be increased by approx. 2% compared to conventional power supplies. COSEL is one of the first power supply manufacturers to use bridgeless PFC.

The DIN rail power supplies are also considerably slimmer than rival products. The 120W version measures just 37mm in width whilst the 240W version is 50mm and the 480W version 75mm. The innovative circuit design of the KH series also has a positive effect on the operating temperature. This is comparatively low and means that the device has a service life of ten years or more whilst maintaining a high level of reliability. COSEL therefore provides a five-year ex-works warranty for its KH series.

The KH series power supplies achieve 150% peak power over a period of five seconds for high starting loads or for fast release support for fuses on downstream DC modules. An additional feature of the devices is a floating remote On/Off function which can be used to switch off the power supplies in idling cycles, thus improving the system’s overall energy efficiency.

We will supply specification sheets, application instructions and the licensing documents on request. Samples are also available. Simply contact the following:


Imp_2_2011_A.._COSEL_DIN Rail_Bild1.jpg
Figure 1: Efficiency level of the 240 W model with 230 VAC
Imp_2_2011_A.._COSEL_DIN Rail_Bild2.jpg
Figure 2: Remote On/Off contact plug connector
Imp_2_2011_A.._COSEL_DIN Rail_Bild3.jpg
Figure 3:Single-phase KH series: 120 W/240 W/480 W
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