TOKO‘S ultra small power inductors

2014-04-29  TOKO

Chip inductors combining four technologies in one unit!

High current load values by iron coil cores, low ohmic values by using flat wire technology [minus 40%], terminal connections of a chip inductor, and vibration resistance by encapsulated design.

DFE inductors are ideally suited for DC-DC converter applications with high peak currents. Even at full rated current, the inductance drop is very low. At the same time, the choke is extremely temperature stable, and exhibits a loss of just 1/6 in comparison with a ferrite inductor.

The DFE is available in the design formats 2016, 2520 and 3225. The inductivity values at rated currents up to 5.9A range from 0.47uH to 10uH. And, of course, the components are RoHS compliant as well as being halogen free.

We shall be happy to let you have some free samples.

Four Technologies in One Package

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